Antiparos - Area Information

Antiparos is a small island in Cyclades with intense colorations from the Cycladic culture. It is located very near to the big island of Paros. Antiparos is one of the biggest tourist resorts. The island has been characterized as an historical place and presents world interest.

The Cycladic Culture dominates on the island, with monuments and symbols that testify big forms of the past. The cavern in the centre of the island is one of the most ancient and beautiful caverns of the world. Foreign sightseers that visited the island from 17th until the 19th century published their impressions and accomplished to make Antiparos known worldwide with emphasis to the cave and other archaeological areas.

The island is a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists. Most of the visitors enjoy the Cycladic beauty and the combination of calm and cosmopolitan life that the island offers. You can visit the cavern and areas with big archaeological interest.

The traditional foods, the graphical alleys, the intense night life and the hospitality of the residents are elements composing the beauty of the island, offering ideal vacations.

You can access Antiparos via Paros. During the summer season, small boats are transferring visitors from Paroikia Paros and the travel time is 30 minutes. You can also travel to Antiparos via Pounta Paros. Small ferries are travelling to Antiparos and the duration of the travel is only 6 minutes. You can travel to Paros by plane from the International Athens Airport. The island is connected coastwise with Piraeus, Rafina, Salonica, Crete, Sporades, Dodekanisa and the islands of Eastern Aegean with high speed boats, dolphins and conventional ships.


Antiparos was connected with Paros and her name during ancient times was Oliaros. The first residents of the island were the Finikes of Sidona. The island passed in the possession of many conquerors. In the beginning of 13th century the island is reported Antiparos for first time.  According to mythology, “Antiparos” was one from the 50 sons of Egypt. The island was affected by pirate’s raids from Algeria, Crete and Kefalonia until the big Greek Revolution in 1821.

The big destruction of the island came in 1537 where the island falls into the hands of Ottoman and the big pirate Barbarosa. Later that year, the island was concurred by the Turkish people.
The residents of Antiparos where active members of the Greek Revolution. The island was included in the Greek State in 1832. In the duration of the Second World War, Antiparos created the secret base of Allies which played important role in the Resistance at the Germans.

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